by Downplay

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released May 29, 2012

1. Save Me*
2. Bury Myself Alive*
3. Shadow With You^
4. Talking In Your Sleep^
5. Sleep*
6. Tomorrow*
7. Hated You From Hello*
8. My Own Nightmare^
9. Where Did You Go*
10. Won't Let Go^

*Produced and Mixed by Dave Fortman at Balance Studio
Engineered by Jeremy Parker

^Produced and Mixed by Bryan Patrick at Jungle Studio

Mastered by Robert Vosgien at Capitol Mastering

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Downplay Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Save Me
pour it all out bring me down for another day. nobody's gonna save me. empty it out let me drown let me drift away. nobody's gonna save me now. stuck in a rut with a dirty habit thats always dragging me down. Im sick of it. I've got your beady eyes beating down on me. wish I could turn this around. its killing me. I need a hand in letting go. Cause every day begins the same so. pour it all out bring me down for another day. nobody's gonna save me. empty it out let me drown let me drift away. nobody's gonna save me now. think I can change, I can change for a bit, I'll have my own brand of hell by the end of it. and if you chainsaw through the walls around me, you'll find an empty shell of what I used to be. Im stuck in my own design with no one here but me. I'm leaving this all behind. There's nothing left for me.
Track Name: Bury Myself Alive
day after day I dig further down this hole that I have made, and I don't know if each fistful I take brings me closer to a goal or to a grave. im in the black hole that you left me in, digging to try to leave you behind. I'm in the black hole you left me in, trying to get you out of my mind, before I bury myself alive. I am the prey, swimming circles in a fishbowl on display. and I'm stuck here always, in a struggle to breathe under an avalanche that won't stop falling. does this hole lead straight to hell? cause I'm falling and all I know is lost under a black hole
Track Name: Shadow With You
who am I? am I this? have I traded life for my self righteousness? selfish pride. self eclipsed. will I always choose the path that most resists? when I've gone too far, when I've lost my way, you're somehow always there finding me. so shine your light, bring me to life, you are the sun and I am the dark of the moon. when I'm paralyzed, broken inside, you are the energy, I am the shadow with you. why have I searched for this? they all promise me the end does not exist. when I've gone too far, when I've lost my way, you're always there to illuminate.
Track Name: Sleep
don't wake me up im trying so be patent. why should I leave, I don't wanna see the sun today. but its up im awake, but I'm vacant. I need reprieved cause im sleeping my life away. beautiful picture became a torture. sweet face from before, became an eyesore. messages adored nails down a chalkboard. nothing can save me until I got the remedy. you're the reason I gotta take pills to sleep every night, every night of the week. in a tailspin, and now I'm falling in too deep. its alright, cause I like misery. apathy so severe all I do is lay here. I don't achieve in a week what I should by mid-day. hey my dear, my mind has become unclear. found a relief, from now on it will be ok. its ok. you will never get away when the karma comes your way
Track Name: Tomorrow
if I could stay away, would you notice I was gone? the silence says that you don't care. and the promises you made are fading after all . its obvious that you're not there. please don't wake me up, I might sleep forever, cause the sun shines cold on me again. please don't wake me up, I might sleep forever. I don't wanna hear the lie today, tomorrow wont be ok. and I'm followed by the sound of a laugh that filled the air, from a ghost that haunts me everywhere. and I wonder where you are a thousand times a day. I tried but I cant walk away. like a statue I wait frozen in sorrow and on and on, and on and on it goes. and its always the same for a thousand tomorrows. and on and on, and on and on it goes.
Track Name: Hated You From Hello
Are you deaf can you hear me? cause I'm sick of it all. always digging in my skin. always pushing my back to the wall. in my eyes there's a madness. can't believe what I saw. and I'll be here laughing
when you fall. and theres nothing to say cause I'm already gone. you know I'm not like you, you were never wrong. go ahead walk away, but I want you to know I always hated you, hated you from hello. listen up can you feel this, cause the curtain has called. I will never regret it. and ill be here watching it all. this is not what I wanted, but I think you'll recall that I promised id be here when you crawl. and I can feel the anger in me start to grow. (all the hate hate that's inside me, overtaking me) and everything about you is fake and hollow. (all the things that they cant see are the things that I see) and no ones gonna stop you when you go.
Track Name: My Own Nightmare
I had this voice ringing in my head telling me it would be better in the end. so I tore myself to a pile of shreds looking for a part that wasn't broke yet. this empty hole inside my chest is all that I have left. the past I hold around my neck is choking me to death. don't waste your time on me
I am beyond repair. I am sick but it feels fine to me, and if you really care, leave me alone in my own nightmare. I live cast aside in the crushing wake of a wrecking ball of a fate. haunted by the times when I'm wide awake in a nightmare I cannot shake. this empty hole inside my chest is all that I have left. the past I hold around my neck is choking me to death.
Track Name: Where Did You Go
I taste the air, it feels so warm out here tonight. I've lost my way. I feel alone. awake, Im breathing out again. where are you? couldn't we try to start this over? bury the past, no history. you left the world we knew much colder. open the door and set me free. where did you go I stood here waiting? answer the phone and listen to me. in this regret with closed eyes praying. why wont you just come back to me? these words could take you on that journey. a road we traveled once as friends. this place you left a man in mourning. here waiting until the end. its been so long since I've been home. since I have seen your face. where did you go?
Track Name: Won't Let Go
you start the war. you burn it all. made me your white flag scapegoat. present the dove, pretend its a.o.k. its not ok. s.o.s. is my new name. 911 is my number, old man. s.o.s. is my new name. so call it out and run away. in the end I give it all but after all you took I take the fall. fuck you. fuck no. I wont let go. steal the life out of me, but I will be dead gripping with my teeth. fuck you. fuck no. I wont let go. im not a pawn you throw away. im not your white trash work horse. so wave goodbye, but I wont walk away. I wont walk away.